Flathead Food Bank

FFB Food of the Month!
  • January - Peanut Butter
  • February - Canned Meat
  • March - Chili
  • April - Tomato Products
  • May - Mac & Cheese
  • June - Soup
  • July - Canned Beans
  • August - Rice
  • September - School Snacks
  • October - Canned Meat
  • November - Turkey/Holiday
  • December - Turkey/Holiday

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Meet our Operations Manager Matt Alexander!



Matt Alexander has been the Operations Manager at the FFB for over 15 years!  He first started as a volunteer, and thinking that it would be a great job, applied when a position came open. His background in restaurant operations and retail grocery made him a great fit, and he has been and continues to be a huge asset to the Flathead Food Bank!

Matt has been a true inspiration to so many people at the Flathead Food Bank.  His incredible work ethics impress the young people that come to volunteer at the food bank, and he is always willing to share experiences with them.  Over the years he has made many great friends through his job at and has been not only a mentor but a confidant to many people.

Being a Grampa is the best thing in his life, and you can tell that as his face lights up with a smile when he is asked about those kids.  He loves to ride his motorcycle and has found a real passion and sense of calm in kayaking.  Throughout Matt’s tenure at the Flathead Food Bank, he has proven over and over again, that one can continue to learn and grow each and every day, constantly becoming better.