Flathead Food Bank

FFB Food of the Month!
  • January - Peanut Butter
  • February - Canned Meat
  • March - Chili
  • April - Tomato Products
  • May - Mac & Cheese
  • June - Soup
  • July - Canned Beans
  • August - Rice
  • September - School Snacks
  • October - Canned Meat
  • November - Turkey/Holiday
  • December - Turkey/Holiday

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Meet our Office Manager Sherry Schauble!



Sherry Schauble has been part of the Flathead Food Bank team since December 2008 but volunteered on a weekly basis for many years before that. She started out as an interviewer and progressed on, doing a little bit of everything.  By the time she was hired as Office Manager, she was already fully trained!  Sherry has always had a heart for giving back to the community whether it was being a Girl Scout leader or crocheting lap robes for the local nursing homes. Until coming to the Flathead Food Bank, she worked part-time for a local attorney and, she admits that working a full-time job after so many years was a bit scary.  She had no idea what she was in for and was broken in quickly with the shenanigans of the staff and the hazards of the job…..like being squashed between the building and a pallet of juice. She has since learned to manipulate both the shenanigans and the equipment! Sherry will tell you that the love of her job is still as strong as it was on her first day of work; she can’t wait to get here each and every day!

Sherry keeps very busy in her spare time volunteering as an alumni member with the local FFA chapter and the Vo-Ag program in the high schools.  Her 21-year-old daughter Jacqueline has been raising sheep since her freshman year in high school which means she raises sheep as well.  Sheep are interesting creatures to raise.  Sherry seems to be a magnet for sheep to step on her, pull her all over the place and run into her.  She always has bruises and bumps, but although sheep do not seem to be her friend, she perseveres and continues to help.  She and her husband Paul also get to Fairfield, MT a few times a year to help at her parents’ cattle farm.  She is great at branding and vaccinating cows, planting and harvesting the fields with all of the big tractors, and rolling dozens and dozens of pieces of lefse around the holidays.  Family gatherings are always a great time on the farm!

Card making, sewing/quilting and any other craft she can find is a passion of Sherry’s.  She has made many things to be used as gifts or auctions at Flathead Food Bank events.  She also enjoys hanging with her girlfriends and traveling to crafting events with them.  Her best friend and her not only spend weekends and crafting time together, but they also work together!  Lori dragged her into volunteer many years ago, and they have worked together now for over 13 years.  You probably wonder how that is working out? Glad to say, no problems have ever come up, and they work hard all week and spend time on the weekends together catching up.