Flathead Food Bank

FFB Food of the Month!
  • January - Peanut Butter
  • February - Canned Meat
  • March - Chili
  • April - Tomato Products
  • May - Mac & Cheese
  • June - Soup
  • July - Canned Beans
  • August - Rice
  • September - School Snacks
  • October - Canned Meat
  • November - Turkey/Holiday
  • December - Turkey/Holiday

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About the Flathead Food Bank

The Flathead Food Bank is a non-profit community organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Daily operations are carried out by our small dedicated staff and our hundreds of caring volunteers! Our mission is to provide temporary, emergency food assistance to those in need.

Our main purpose is to serve as a food collection and distribution system. We also voluntarily participate in two programs that serve, and/or deliver government commodities to seniors and children on a monthly basis.

The Flathead Food Bank operates Second Helpings Thrift Store to sustain our mission of feeding the Flathead. For more information about Second Helpings Thrift Store, download our brochure here . The Flathead Food Bank is proud community partner. We work with many other agencies to provide services to our customers, including: United Way, Salvation Army, Agency on Aging, Lighthouse Christian Home, Flathead Youth Shelter, Sinopah House, Community Kitchen, and more.


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Flathead Food Bank Board of Directors

  • Sheryl Border- Kalispell President
  • Kari Wiley - Kalispell Vice President
  • Christina Clark - Kalispell Secretary
  • Carolyn Barton - Kalispell Treasurer

  • Mark Johnson - Kalispell
  • Janet Zauner - Kalispell
  • Sheila Chipman - Kalispell
  • Judi Yeats - Kalispell
  • Karla Levengood - Kalispell
  • Pam Carbonari - Kalispell

Flathead Food Bank Key Staff

  • Lori Botkin - Executive Director
  • Bob Helder - Director of Development & Community Relations
  • Tasha "Danger" Powers - Volunteer Coordinator
  • Sherry Shauble - Office Manager
  • Anjo Burns - Executive Assistant
  • Gwenevere Lee - Seasonal Office Worker
  • Matt Alexander - Operations Manager
  • Roger Jones - Food Recovery Specialist
  • John Emerson - Program Director