Flathead Food Bank

FFB Food of the Month!
  • January - Peanut Butter
  • February - Canned Meat
  • March - Chili
  • April - Tomato Products
  • May - Mac & Cheese
  • June - Soup
  • July - Canned Beans
  • August - Rice
  • September - School Snacks
  • October - Canned Meat
  • November - Turkey/Holiday
  • December - Turkey/Holiday

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Question: Who comes to the Flathead Food Bank?
Answer: In 2010, 33% of our customers were children and 14% were senior citizens. 38% of our customers are families with children and 20.9% of our customers are single parent households.

Question: Where do you get your funding?
Answer: Our money comes from many places, including: private donations from the community, businesses, grants, fundraising events, and United Way. For more information, look at the financial information on our donate now page.

Question: Where are your pantry locations?
Answer: Please see our locations page for that information.

Second Helpings

Question: I heard you have a thrift store. When will you open? Where is it?
Answer: The Flathead Food Bank is opening Second Helpings thrift store in the old Corral West store. It is right next to the Flathead Food Bank at 1203 Hwy 2 West, Suite 1. It will open in September, but is accepting donations now. For more information, call 752-SAVE or download the brochure here.

Question: We already have thrift stores in Kalispell. How are you different?
Answer: We are different than other thrift stores in the area for a couple of reasons. First, all of the money from Second Helpings stays in the community. 100% of the proceeds from Second Helpings will help feed the hungry in the Flathead. With the help from the thrift store, the Flathead Food Bank will be more sustainable in the future. Second, Second Helpings is a great community partner. We are working with Good Samaritan thrift store in Helena, Violence Free Crisis Line and The Abbie Shelter, Flathead Industries, the Samaritan House, A Ray of Hope, and other nonprofit organizations to ensure our success. Additionally, we offer a high quality inventory at competitive prices that will keep you coming back for bargains.


Question: I have a job, and an income, but I still cannot provide for my three kids, Can you help us?
Answer: In one word, yes. Most of our programs have an income threshold that you cannot exceed to be eligible, however our staff can assist you in emergency situations, and make suggestions for additional social services. To see program eligibility requirements, please visit our programs page.

Question: When I come to the Flathead Food Bank, how much food can I get?
Answer: We give out a three day supply, which is an average of 22 pounds of food per person.

Question: I have a baby who needs formula and diapers and they are not stocked in your pantry. Where can I get those items?
Answer: We distribute formula, baby food, and diapers when we can. Please ask an interviewer at the pantry if there is any in stock.

Question: I also need pet food. Do you have any?
Answer: We get pet food (cat and dog food) sometimes. When we have it, it is available in the pantry.

Question: I can't/don't drive, do you deliver?
Answer: We do not have the ability to provide delivery for normal pantry usage. Residents age 60 and over may qualify for our Senior Commodities Program, currently the only program with home delivery. Our Kalispell location is convenient to the bus route. We have other suggestions to help you access the pantry. Please call for questions.


Question: What kind of food can I donate?
Answer: We always appreciate food donations! We accept food that is found in a grocery store. As a general rule, if the food is high enough quality to feed to your own family, it is high enough quality to meet our needs.